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The Darker Side of Gift Giving

Owner, Less Equals More

Dara Zycherman is the owner of Less Equals More, a lifestyle consultancy that helps people create organized, minimalist spaces in their homes and offices with a focus on reducing waste and simple living. After earning her B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy, Dara set off to “save the planet” at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). As one of USGBC’s first staff members, she helped propel its growth as one of the world’s preeminent environmental organizations. During her twelve year tenure, she launched new programs (LEED for Neighborhood Development, LEED v4) and created educational courses and publications. Devoting herself full-time to her entrepreneurial passion in 2015, she launched Less Equals More. Encouraging her clients to work from a deeper level of understanding through the process of downsizing, she incorporates elements of sustainability, personal finance, minimalism, and mindfulness. She has presented on these topics at libraries, coworking spaces, and community centers. To further her desire to educate and inspire, she launched the Words for Wednesday podcast and publishes a twice monthly blog. Additionally, she started the Meaningful Minimalism Meetup group in Austin, TX.